About Dan’s Kitchen

Dan and the Team

Dan’s kitchen is all about saving you time. Our chefs provide a range of seasonally prepared, ready-to-go restaurant style meals, ready for you to take home. Purchased in cryovac bags, they are simple to cook and easy for you to finish off at home. Along with our cryovac meals, Dan’s kitchen also prepares freshly made pasta and lasagne, seasonal salads, soups, quiches and pies. Our range is ever changing and will keep your taste buds excited all year long.

Also in Dan’s kitchen you will find a wide selection of meats, poultry and fish, locally sourced and stocked for you. It’s always about saving you time. Our approach when choosing what to put in Dan’s Kitchen fridge is to ensure it is of the very best quality.

Daniel Alps - Alps & Amici

Daniel Alps is an energetic, charismatic chef with a passion for local and organic produce. He has developed a strong relationship with local farmers and suppliers to support his vision of Tasmanian food culture. A passionate local Daniel returned to Tasmania as Executive Chef to Pipers Brook Vineyard, one of Tasmania’s largest wine producers. Daniel owned and operated Daniel Alps at Strathlynn for 10 years providing a uniquely Tasmanian experience. By using fresh organic local produce and keeping dishes as simple as possible Daniel ensured his customers were able to taste the best Tasmania had to offer.

After years of developing close relationships with suppliers, Daniel decided he wanted to create something new. With cooking classes full of people asking where they could buy the ingredients he was showcasing, the opportunity was identified for a store stocking the produce from his local suppliers as well as premium products from other parts of Australia and overseas. He also wanted to provide a local alternative to the big supermarkets. And, for those not so keen on the actual cooking or lacking the time, he wanted to provide ready-to-go restaurant style dishes.

The Team at Alps & Amici

About the Team

We have an amazing team that makes Alps & Amici what it is today. The team is friendly, energetic and passionate about delivering quality products and exceptional customer service.

We gladly share recipe advice, knowledge on local producers and of course smiles. Here at Alps & Amici we pride ourselves on providing our customers with old fashioned customer service that comes from the heart and not from a manual.

Our team will inspire and tempt you with advice and suggestions to discover new combinations, ingredients and recipes.

We feel very lucky to have these guys... get to know them and we’re sure you’ll think the same!

The Team at Alps & Amici